You’ll love Elopement Avenue!

Your elopement can now be something a little bit fancy!
Our intimate greystone verandah awaits you in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges
Or would you prefer the villa??

Elopement Avenue offers the simplicity of a small, intimate gathering in the privacy of my home.  The outdoor verandah is transformed with myriad styling options for you to choose from…  boho luxe, industrial, modern or oriental.  All are individually styled with beautiful props, decorative foliage, a quality carpet aisle and up to 8 white americana chairs for your guests.

But what if it rains?  Let it rain – we have the best inside option just minutes from home!  A luxurious villa with cathedral window as your stunning backdrop.  You can even book this if it’s not raining – we’re pretty easy going. 

Offering multiple choices – there will be one that suits you perfectly.

1 hour Verandah Elopement – $650
– the couple & 8 guests or less
– complimentary glass of bubbles for each guest*

1.5 hour Elopement Picnic – $850 / $895
– the couple and (two witnesses)
–  boho luxe picnic set up with cushions and blankets for your comfort
–  yummy grazing platter for two ($850) or four  ($895)
–  complimentary bottle of bubbles
(Elopement Picnics can take place at your home for an additional fee – please enquire)

1 hour Villa Elopement – $795
– the couple & up to 20 guests
– complimentary bottle of bubbles for the couple

1.5 hour Celebration Elopement – $995
– the couple & 8 guests or less
– scrumptious grazing platter for 10 people
– complimentary glass of bubbles for each guest*
Catering is not available at the Villa unless guests choose to stay overnight
& an additional fee applies for additional guests.

*over the age of 18 and limited to one glass per guest

An affordable and experienced photographer is available to capture your ceremony – please enquire.

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect elopement?  We need one clear calendar month from the time
I receive your first legal document so call me asap to book your date.  


Want to know more?

What to do now …
– Call or email to enquire if your date is available
– Organise your identification and we can complete the Notice of Intended Marriage
– Decide which ceremony option you prefer and we’re on our way!


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Naming Days

Bless their cotton socks! Whether they’re 4 months or 48 months, naming days are a lovely way to welcome a new person to your family. It’s an opportunity to appoint mentors or guardians, acknowledge grandparents or just to be officially named.

After a meeting with the guest of honour, the parents, mentors or grandparents, a memorable ceremony will be written for your special person. A keepsake certificate will be printed for all the appointees and then presented to them on the day of the occasion in question.

Symbolic suggestions like:

  • The lighting of candles by the mentors or grandparents.
  • Handprints on canvas for the child’s room.
  • The planting of a tree.
  • Wish cards for a memento box for when the child is older (18th or 21st birthday) .
  • Cake smash.

Having the gathering in the late morning so that junior is alert, happy and pleased to be the centre of attention is often the best time of day. Follow up with a bbq lunch or nibbles and drinks inside on a cold day.

Get in touch to enquire about available dates

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Renewal of vows

Are you that couple that everyone always comments on how inspirational your relationship is after all these years? Whether it’s 10, 15, 20, 25 or more years, renewing your vows to each other shows that your love is still blooming, committed and strong. You have weathered the storms of life together, embraced each other in times of need, and loved each other unconditionally. Your ongoing commitment to each other deserves to be celebrated – again!.

As you have grown together, you have watched as other members of your family have had their special times to celebrate. And you have stood together, remembering your own special day all those years ago. Well now it’s your time again.

Why not acknowledge it, surrounded by your own family, who will be so filled with love as they see you in this later stage of life, renewing your vows to each other. What a success you have made of your life and love together – no wonder you wish to celebrate.

Gather your thoughts, memories and photographs and let me put together a ceremony that gives you the opportunity to say thank you to each other; thank you for the love, friendship and dedication you have shown to each other throughout your married life together.

I promise it will be a very special time for you all.

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Funerals are largely a difficult time for most, however more and more families and loved ones are choosing to see this final farewell as ‘a celebration of life’. Whilst this is an emotional time and the needs of the grieving family need to be handled with the utmost care, this is an opportunity to honour the life of the person who has passed away.

Time is spent interviewing the family in order to write a caring and heartfelt life story, telling the essence of the person’s history, their character, special qualities, their relationships, family, achievements and contributions.

A well-prepared eulogy (timeline of a person’s life) will be written to effectively portray your loved one, then it will be presented with sincerity and sensitivity.

I am happy to help you select appropriate music, poetry and readings, and symbols that have personal significance. We will remember the life of your loved one and say a graceful farewell in a way that is meaningful for your family and friends.

For further details, please contact me directly

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